Quality of Workmanship

Our quality of workmanship isn’t our only key attribute at MAMB. We regard our project management team to be the best in Edinburgh
and Scotland. Our focus and drive to keep our customers content and comfortable throughout our projects is something, which we aim to achieve everyday. Our project management contains consistent processes, procedures and tools that address the client’s needs for a
flowing building project. Our project management team work by a strict code of PCM (project cycle management). Each project is unique to its own and follows its own set-working schedule.

Project Management

Our project management team has a presence on site daily, this ensures the highest productivity is achieved from our tradesmen, it also allows daily surveys to be carried out to quantify site materials and product requisitions to be raised. Delays on product arrival is not heard have within MAMB.


Our weekly evening or daytime site meetings allow for general discussions, changes to design, progress reports and work projections to be discussed. But more importantly it allows us to put forward our key

question – what can we do to make things better?
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