Wind & Water Tight Building Service in Edinburgh and West Lothian

MAMB Developments are introducing our wind and water tight building service. This solution will reduce your financial strain that you may potentially have,when achieving your dream project. MAMB allows you
to run your project at a pace that your budget allows.

The Benefits Of Our Wind & Water Tight Building Service

The wind and water tight stage of any project marks the end of the main structural elements, regarding scheduling and allocations of tradesmen, everything from coordination of foundations to the last tile on the roof structure. The difficult part of any project is then complete.

MAMB Developments have identified that the process after the wind and water tight stage is straight forward. From insulating your new home extension, floor coverings and painting, can be completed by a competent DIY individual, at your own comfortable pace, and as your budget allows. Our solutions allows you to complete the project.

Our wind and water tight solution allows you to save costs, take on the role of being your own project manager, and complete your project yourself.